Children coaching


Now more than ever, uncertainties and pressure from the outside world not only affect children and adults but they can lead to difficult family dynamics. Anxiety, lack of self-belief, lack of calm or lack of feeling in control are often present in our lives. Through my family program I facilitate a change process to lead parents and children to that calm that resides in all of us.

The program consists of a 6 weeks course comprising of a 1-hour weekly session with your child and a 1-hour weekly session with you as a parent.

The course is based on a mixture of coaching, mentoring and mindfulness techniques. My aim is to connect with you as a family, understand your dynamics and current difficulties and create the right conditions for you to have insights and make changes in your life. The cost of the program covers our weekly sessions as well as my own reflection time, every week, to assess progress, evaluate what is working well for you and your family and tailor the next session to your needs.

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As part of Wren Coaching, I also run a Relax Kids franchising.

I came across Relax Kids at the beginning of lockdown, when I was looking to further my studies into children coaching and finding ways of helping my own children cope with their emotions. I found the course eye opening as a mother and I decided to qualify as a Relax Kids Coach and integrate this wonderful practice into my own coaching with children.

Relax kids classes are mindfulness classes for children and teenagers. They teach mindfulness through playing and relaxation and they are a great way of easing into the world of emotional wellbeing.

Benefits of Relax Kids Classes are:

  • Lower Anxiety
  • Improve Sleep
  • Promote Calm
  • Build Self-Esteem
  • Reduce Stress

I run classes in schools across Lancashire and North Yorkshire, as well as providing after school clubs and 1-2-1 private lessons.

Give me a call to find out how Relax Kids can help the emotional and mental wellbeing of your children, whether you are a parent or carer or whether you are a Head Teacher exploring wellbeing for your school.