A feedback session to remember

During the latest lockdown I offered a free course of RelaxKids classes to year 6 of our local school, Laneshawbridge Primary. I ran the classes remotely, on Zoom, so that children could access them both from school and at home. Since school reopened, I was keen to receive feedback from the children as I wantedContinue reading “A feedback session to remember”

COVID-19 Our home test for the kids: an inspiring story!

It’s very late tonight, or maybe very early in the morning, but I wanted to capture something that happened today before I go to bed! We had to do a Covid-19 test for our 5 years old daughter and 9 years old son today – Chiara and Matteo. They were both apprehensive about the prospectContinue reading “COVID-19 Our home test for the kids: an inspiring story!”

Trick or treat? I’ll go for treat please!

Over the last week I have asked family and friends to engage with me in a series of trick or treat questions. I was curious to understand what people’s opinion and interpretation is of selfless vs selfish, trick of the mind vs treat. My favourite was to see all the answers to the question “whatContinue reading “Trick or treat? I’ll go for treat please!”

Mental Health Day: good night reflections

Today on Mental Health Day, through my Facebook page, I took the time to share some of my favourite quotes from the book “Love for Imperfect Things” written by a Zen Buddhist teacher called Haenim Sunim. To wish you all good night, I am going to pick what spoke to me the most, in relationContinue reading “Mental Health Day: good night reflections”

I ran an endurance marathon and 4 miles more… here is why…

For those who don’t know me… and I guess for those who do, I never liked running! Yet I signed up to an Edurancelife marathon, which is an event that takes you through extreme conditions whilst running a long distance. If anyone had told me a few months ago that I would have run on this kindContinue reading “I ran an endurance marathon and 4 miles more… here is why…”