In the mind there are no limits

John C Lilly


Before I tell you about myself and the services that I offer, let me tell you about what I believe in!

I believe in the mighty strength we all have as human beings and in our capacity to overcome life challenges. I also believe in our stubbornness to ignore our needs as human beings, acting out as superheroes and forgetting to take care of ourselves. The more caring and giving we are towards our loved ones, the easier it is to forget about our own needs and energy levels.

Having experienced the crazy speed of life as someone who wants to do it all without looking after herself first, I am now on a mission to help individuals reflect, resolve and restart. My job is to support, encourage and motivate people in realising they are mighty in themselves, just as they are and that the solution is much closer than they think.

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Adult coaching and wellbeing

Can you think of a problem you experienced that seemed unsurmountable at first but that, somehow, you managed to get through? Did you know then that you would get through it? Were you aware of the strength you already had within you?

Sometimes, all we need is some headspace and a different perspective and a whole new world opens up in front of us!

My coaching programs are based on a holistic approach. They are aimed at those who wish to regain a good life balance, let go of stress and pressure and focus on what really matters to them. I also offer online relaxation and wellbeing sessions for those in need of some “me” time.

Childrens coaching and wellbeing

Now more than ever, uncertainties and pressure from the outside world affect children and teenagers. My program offers a mixture of coaching, mindfulness and arts and crafts to reach that calm place that resides in all of us and to learn how to move into that space.